From the beginning of conception to the time of delivery and after that too, a woman’s body requires a special diet to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

Here are some reasons why it is important to consume iron supplements during pregnancy.

It Is The Basic Component Of Blood: Iron makes up haemoglobin, which is a major component of blood. This is what helps the blood carry oxygen to different parts of our cells. The foetus needs iron to make blood for itself too.

It Is Required For A Healthy Immune System: Iron helps build up immunity for both the mother and baby. Immunity is very important to keep illnesses at bay.

It Is Necessary For Enzyme Production: Iron is used to produce important enzymes in our body, which helps its various functions.

It Helps In Building The Connective Tissues: Iron is used to synthesize a protein called myoglobin, which supplies oxygen to the muscles and other connective tissues.

It Is Used To Make Extra Blood: During pregnancy, our body requires more blood than usual. Therefore, iron is very much needed to manufacture the excess of blood required.

It Is Required By The Foetus During The Second And Third Trimesters: The foetus uses the iron in the mother’s blood to build up its muscles and also synthesize proteins.

Right Amount Of Iron In Pregnant Women Reduces The Risk Of Complications: When there is enough iron in the mother’s blood, there are lesser chances of complications to the mother during pregnancy.

Iron Is Required For A Healthy Baby: Adequate amount of iron helps the baby develop normally functioning internal organs.