Do you recall the violet and purple coloured Galaxy S8 that were the talk of the town just last year but never even showed up?

According to the information we have been able to gather from our sources, Samsung could be launching that violet and purple colour with the Galaxy S9 next year, in addition to black, gold, and blue.

We have no idea what the official colour names will be, however we are guessing the purple version could be something like the Deep Blue variant of the Galaxy Note 8.

A purple Galaxy S9? Yeah! You read that right!

It is a dull shade of purple (violet), rather than a colour along the lines of the bright and shiny Coral Blue choice that was released a year ago with the Galaxy Note 7. In any case, it remains to be seen what the real colour will be, that’s talking about the purple variant.

The gold, dark, and blue are probably going to be the same as that of the ones seen on the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is welcome to amaze us, and judging by the way the company is going about its feature colours, the Galaxy S9 will presumably have a colour to suit everybody’s preference.

That is not to say that Samsung would be launching all color options in every market from the word go, as we have often seen.

I’m also a little gutted that a red Galaxy S9 is not available for the initial launch. As the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 has shown us, it’s a color choice that can really bring out the beauty of the phone and consumers would no doubt welcome a red Galaxy S9 with open arms.

I would like to stress that none of this information should be taken as fact here until something substantial comes up.

There is also a probability that this might not be the final list of colours as some rumours have been making the rounds recently that other colours like Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver could be part of the lineup.

 Well, we will just have to wait and see… Won’t we?

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