80’s rapper MC Shan claims he was the first person called to play the role Will Smith played in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He claims he didn’t get the role after he called Will’s manager Benny Medina a f–got –. He said his career also took a drastic turn from there on.


In an interview he did recently, he explained why he didn’t get the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air role…

“I was up for that Fresh Prince role and Benny Medina was my record company head, and I was up for that Fresh Prince role but how I fucked that up was I told Benny Medina you are a fuckin’ f-ggot! I told Benny Medina to his face “You are a f–got!” Then look what happens with Fresh Prince he is in there doing Six Degrees of Separation.
Will is my man, but I could never seeing myself doing that. Yeah you are the 20 million dollar man but what part of your soul did you sell? What piece of your ass did you give up?

I dont know I’m just allegedly alleging!” It didn’t get to the negotiating stage and the money wasn’t wiorth it for me. I wasn’t for Warner Bros anyway I didn’t fir their mold!

Jealous much?

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